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Trashformers are effects cymbals that come in a distinctive colored tint and an equally trashy voice. Play them on their own for explosive, airy splash effects, or stack on top or under any other cymbal to provide an additional layer of signature white noise. Trashformers feature a wavy curvature that helps create their funky, trashy effects, and are a super versatile way to expand your sound and enhance your setup.

Please note: Colors may vary from cymbal to cymbal.

  • Play on its own for airy splash effects
  • Stack it on another cymbal for a signature trashy sound
  • Non-traditional wavy curvature for funky, trashy effects
  • Distinctive colored tint
  • Colors may vary from cymbal to cymbal

10" FX Trashformer

$114.00 Regular Price
$94.95Sale Price
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