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Very loud hihat sound that will cut effortlessly through any mix, and project enormous volume when played in semi-open position.


Dyno Beat Hi Hats create a wall of sound on their own that will cut right through any mix and is ideal for louder musical genres like hardcore punk, rock and metal. Their heavy weight projects enormous volume especially when played in semi-open position. Dyno Beats are sold as 13" or 14" singles - Pair two together for a complete Dyno Beat punch, or mix with an A or K to brighten or darken your hi hat sound.

-Dyno Beats also feature an exclusive hammering pattern that makes them look just as stunning as they sound.Bright wall of sound that will cut through any mix

-Ideal for louder music like hardcore punk, rock and metal Sold as singles in 13" or 14" size

-Pair two Dyno Beats together or mix with A or K for brighter/darker sound

-Exclusive hammering with stunning visual design

13" A Zildjian Dyno Beat Hihat

SKU: Z40131
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$219.95Sale Price
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