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Maximum Power Potential. Lay into this bad boy and you'll really feel what the Heavy A line is all about.


If you’re looking for the heaviest, most aggressive crash sound, your search ends at A Zildjian Heavy Crashes. These heavyweights are reserved for drummers playing the loudest styles of music – hard rock, metal, punk, and hardcore. Able to surgically cut through any wall of sound, these crashes have an extreme amount of high-end, and project with maximum power and reach. The brilliant finish also makes these cymbals look as striking as they sound.

  • Bright, cutting heavy-weight crash
  • Maximum power potential
  • More than enough cut and projection to break through any mix
  • Highest in pitch of all A Zildjian Series crashes
  • Striking, brilliant finish

16" A Zildjian Heavy Crash

SKU: A0276
$318.00 Regular Price
$264.95Sale Price
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