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16" size has more attack and warmer sound than the 16" Medium Light pair. Available as Single cymbal or Pair.


Vintage Orchestral Medium Heavy cymbals project a drier sound, with more articulation for executing short, syncopated rhythms. The Vintage K's are generally heavier in comparison to other Orchestral K's, so their sound can be described as a little more 'platey', particularly when playing the Medium Heavy weight. Resonating with complex harmonics, Vintage Orchestral cymbals possess a bold, dark sound that is characteristic of all K Constantinople hand cymbals.

  • For pronounced crashes and quicker passages
  • Extra weight for drier, 'platey' sound
  • More articulate for executing short, syncopated rhythms
  • Resonates with complex harmonics
  • Bold, dark sound characteristic of K Constantinople

16" K Constantinople Vintage Orchestral Medium Heavy

SKU: K1137
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$419.95Sale Price
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