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Bottle Rocket: Stage TwoInterchangeable Capsule Series;Blue;Width: 19.0"Length: 20.0";Designed for speed and transparency, the Bottle Rocket Stage Two's transformerless amplifier circuit delivers low noise, superb transient response and utilizes a single hand-selected ECC88 vacuum tube. Like the Bottle, the Stage Two has the ability to hot-swap up to nine different capsules for the ultimate recording experience. Powered by Blue's innovative Powerstream power supply, The Bottle Rocket Stage Two ensures ultra-stable performance and features a soft-start feature for maximum tube life and minimal startup time.;Designed for the most discerning recordists, the Interchangeable Capsule series contains microphones capable of providing a wide palette of tonal characteristics and pickup patterns to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. The series integrates the best of Blue's discrete Class A circuitry with a unique and revolutionary system of interchangeable capsules that provide the engineer a wide range of potential tonal characteristics. This series is employed in the world's most respected studios, and is recognized by industry insiders as the world's premiere microphone system.;

Bottle Rocket: Stage Two

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