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Everything you need to master the cajon: a high-quality, durable cajon with protective carrying case and a DVD to show you how to start playing today! The cajon is a Tycoon Percussion Supremo featuring excellent sounding hardwood with a spruce playing surface. The 29 Series Hardwood Box Cajon is constructed of durable and excellent sounding hardwood with a spruce playing surface. It yields deep bass tones and sharp high slaps, with fully adjustable snares. Each cajon is individually handmade and tested to ensure superior sound quality. The DVD will get beginning cajon players up and running with everything you need to know quickly, while still providing accurate and educationally correct information about the traditions and techniques of the cajon. It contains a brief historical overview, an introduction to basic use of the instrument, a complete approach to basic sound production techniques, and a complete series of traditional and contemporary rhythms that can be learned at your own pace. Each rhythm is clearly demonstrated. Host Michael Wimberly is not only a world-traveling performer, but also a highly experienced educator, and his explanations are clear, concise, and fun. Supremo 29 Series Cajon from Tycoon Percussion with Bag and Getting Started on Cajon DVD

Cajon Starter Pack

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