RESTORE (Step 1, 1oz) ? A rich formula designed to cut through the toughest grime. Restore polishes out swirl marks and even minor scratches, reanimating your finish like never before.. PROTECT (Step 2, 1oz) ? Combines premium-quality Carnauba wax and advanced chemistry to produce a distinct radiance with quick-and-easy application.. SHINE (Step 3, 2oz) ? Erases dust, fingerprints, and minor imperfections, while color enhancers bring out your instrument?s beauty.. HYDRATE (1oz) ? A unique formula of oils and cleaners that restores the character of dark natural wood fingerboards, leaving a clean, fast, and glowing surface.. POLISHING CLOTH (untreated) ? Made from high-quality double napped cotton flannel which is ideal for buffing or applying polishes, waxes, and cleaners.. .

D'Addario Instrument Care Essentials

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$16.19Sale Price
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