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Mic for High-End Perfection Signature Series. The Dragonfly generates a silky extended top-end contoured mid-range and a bump at the upper end of the lower frequencies that thickens thin signal sources. With an integrated elastic shockmount and rotating head, the Drangonfly utilizes its innovative industrial design to enable quick and precise mic placement on the fly. The Dragonfly is ideally suited for high-frequency sources like alto and soprano vocals, percussion, electric guitar, drum overheads, and ?difficult? sources such as stringed instruments. Every Blue microphone in the Signature Series contains its own proprietary capsule that is hand-tested to capture a specific sonic signature. Blue's philosophy is to create microphones that are unparalleled for their intended application.

DRAGONFLY Mic for High-End Perfection

SKU: 988-000049
  • 836213000519

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