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Gretsch Catalina Maple5 Piece Shell Pack (20/10/12/14/14SN)Width: 22.75"Length: 22.5";Catalina Maple's CM1-E605 shell packs feature a 20? BD, 10? and 12? RT's, 14? FT, and 14? SN configuration. These sizes are the ideal choice from drummers who need the best of both worlds in one drum kit. The CM1-E605 pack is compact enough for smaller stage settings yet they're potent enough to compete with some of the louder and more energetic music settings you may experience.;? 16x20 Bass Drum, 7x10 , 8x12 Rack Toms, 14x14 Floor Tom, 5.5x14 Snare Drum? 7 Ply Maple? 30 Degree Bearing Edge? Triple Flanged Hoops? Remo Drumheads

Gretsch Catalina Maple 5 Piece Shell Pack

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