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AUTO RELEASE ABS Contour Hinge MonoPosto Snare Marching Carrier includes Free Floating Snare Attachment hardware, accommodating both flat and traditional drum angle positioning. Features include ABS articulating back support, j-rod-free technology, gender-friendly tubular embodiment, ultra-lightweight magnesium/aluminum construction, multi-point comfort zones, and inverting abdomen plate. Additional benefits are reduction in dynamic movement of snare drum, drop and lock mount with rotating feature for at rest position.The new ABS Auto-Release feature is designed to allow rapid mount and dismount without loosening any of the ABS sizing or contour fit adjustments.MAY? patents combine Posto Series technology with our contour hinge along with ABS (Articulating Back Support) designs to redistribute unwanted weight off of players? shoulders resulting in comfort and freedom while promoting proper wellness posture.The ABS Posto Magnesium/Aluminum Tubular design is gender friendly with ultra lightweight construction, supporting a 1:1 real time extension of the performers elaborate maneuvers that are essential to contemporary band performances. The elimination of j-rods reduces previous interference issues, thus enhancing ergonomic comfort with complete freedom of movement for maximum performance.The multi-patented utility features result in the optimal carrier for wellness, comfort, and gender compatibility for a tailored fit. The contour hinge allows for independent upper and mid body contour adjustment, to custom fit a wide range of player sizes.The Posto Series carriers also feature a polycarbonate abdominal plate, which is flexure fitting to reduce point loading, and can be inverted to reverse the shape. Additional features include infinite torso height adjustment and reversible ABS positioning, for larger players. Shoulder positioning can be fine tuned by rotating the shoulder?s caster down (into the back) and/or pivoting the camber angle (toward/away from the neck).All Posto Series carriers include respective drum mounting hardware and come with carry-on bag providing easy transport and product protection.

MAY Posto Series Snare Carriers w/ ABS Auto-Release

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