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Rackmount Lighting and Power Distributor. The Samson PowerBrite PB15 has been engineered to the finest detail utilizing state-of-the-art technology in power distribution. This 19";, single-space rack unit offers convenient front and back-panel LED lighting options to cover your entire rack setup, and multiple outlets for reliable power distribution with 3-point surgeand spike protection, plus RF (Radio Frequency) filtering. The PowerBrite PB15 features dual front-panel LED lamps with dimmer control, to fully illuminate all the gear in your rack. The lamps automatically turn on and off when extended and retracted. The PowerBrite PB15 also has a rear-panel USB socket to be used with the included LED gooseneck lamp so you can see the backside of all your gear as well. The PowerBrite PB15 provides eight switched, rear-panel AC outlets that allow you to power an entire rack's worth of gear from a single source. These outlets are mounted both vertically and horizontally to accommodate standard 3-pin plugs, as well as external transformer AC power adapters. A dedicated Outlets switch with status light powers these rear-panel outlets. The PowerBrite PB15 also features an unswitched front-panel convenience outlet for temporary power needs (plugging in a guitar amplifier, soldering iron, etc.). In addition, the PowerBrite PB15's resettable, front-panel 15-amp circuit breaker protects all connected gear. This, along with its steel chassis construction, makesthe Samson PowerBrite PB15 a reliable tool on the road or in fixed installations. Features:; 19"; (single-space) rackmountable power conditioner with LED lighting; Dual front-panel LED lamps (in retractable cylinders) with dimmer control; Eight switched, rear-panel AC outlets; Outlets switch with status light powers rear-panel outlets; Single unswitched, front-panel convenience outlet; 3-point surge protection, peak voltage spike clamping and RFI/EMI filtering; Resettable, front-panel 15-amp circuit breaker protects all connected gear; Rear rack lighting via USB socket and included LED gooseneck lamp; Rugged steel chassis construction ideal for on the road or in fixed installations

PowerBrite PB16

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