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The Tucked Fiberskyn Bongo drumhead is the most durable Bongo head for players who like to pitch the drums very high. Tucked Fiberskyn provides a superb, authentic drum sound for maximum projection and lively overtones that are easy on your hands. Remo’s patented Tucked drumhead technology is without equal in the industry, and has been lauded by top players as the best alternative when replacing rawhide natural drumheads for Congas, Bongos, and Djembes. Tucked Bongo drumheads are available in three sizes for full size model Bongo drums from most of the major manufacturers. Remo identifies “regular” full size model Bongos as the large drum (hembra) 8 1/2” or 8 5/8” and 9” sizes and the small drum (macho) measuring 7” or 7 ¼”. Available in sizes: 7.15", 8.50", 9".

Remo Bongo Tucked, 9", Fiberskyn

SKU: M9-0900-F4-/HL#3701037
$103.50 Regular Price
$62.88Sale Price
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