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The Mondo Skyndeep Djembe drumhead is weather-resistant, producing warm tones, increases sound, volume and projection in any environment. The Mondo Djembe drumhead is constructed with a durable Acousticon shell and a ½" support rim around the outer perimeter for mounting a tension ring and is ideal for Professional, Educational and Recreational drumming.

The Mondo Skyndeep drumhead is the graphic infusion of pigment into a polyester surface making it uniquely attractive while maintaining the integrity of a great sounding drumhead. Available in sizes: 10”, 12", 14”, 16”.

Remo M2 Type, Black Fiberskyn Graphic, 16" , 2.5" Collar

SKU: MO-2516-SD-0002/HL#3700784
$121.30 Regular Price
$98.25Sale Price
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