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Nowadays, you probably listen to more music on your laptop and phone than anywhere else. Ironically, those devices have weak, noisy audio outputs that really aren't made for music. That inspired us to reimagine the modern headphone and design it around a built-in audiophile amplifier, which delivers dynamic, detailed and clear sound ? no matter what you're plugged into. Sadie is the evolution of the ultimate listening experience first pioneered by Blue's groundbreaking Mo-Fi powered headphones. By further refining Blue's revolutionary fit and sonic soundstage, Sadie delivers even higher levels of performance to reveal new details in your favorite music. The result is a headphone that makes every device sound like a big home hi-fi system. You won't believe how much music you've been missing.; High-powered custom audiophile amplifier onboard; Custom 50mm drivers deliver incredible sound; Revolutionary personalized fit for superior comfort; Sealed over-ear design for immersive isolation

Sadie Premium Headphones with Built-In Amp

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