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This practice pad for marching tenors features accurately spaced pads for the most authentic practice experience! The large Quadropad is for players used to a 8" #1 drum. A set of laminates is included. Lightweight quad practice pad set. Small block tenor sizes: 8", 10", 12" and 13" sizes Includes 2 x 6" adhesive gock drum pads for quint and sextet setups. Accurate spacing translates well to marching tenors. Gum rubber pads have a natural stick/mallet response Wood base lets you know when you miss a drum Quiet enough for apartments and bedroom use. Mounts to a snare stand for ensemble practice. Nonskid foam rubber backing for use on a coffee table, tile floor, carpet, or concrete. Includes Heavy Hitter Mylar laminates for scrapes

Vic Firth Large Quadropad Practice Pads

$252.00 Regular Price
$209.95Sale Price
  • 750795012077

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