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Drummers may not all agree on how to practice, but they certainly agree that they need to practice, and one of the most important things to have handy is a proper practice pad. Vic Firth's 12" PAD12D double-sided practice pad is one of the most universal models on the market. On one side, the PAD12D features Vic Firth's soft rubber surface, which gives you a great workout while keeping the noise down. Sweetwater drummers also appreciate the reverse side, which features hard rubber that's clearly audible and more responsive ? just what you need to master your new musical masterpiece.;;Vic Firth PAD12D Double-sided Practice Pad Features; Versatile dual-sided 12" drum practice pad Soft rubber side offers low rebound and low noise for excellent silent practice. Hard rubber side gives you realistic stick bounce and clearly audible strikes. Both sides provide an excellent workout that any serious drummer will appreciate Heavy wooden base provides a solid playing platform that won't run away

Vic Firth PAD12D Double Sided Practice Pad - 12"

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