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Drums with the Welch Tuning System (WTS) are the most versatile drums on the market. The WTS Artistry Series snare drumsprovide a full-bodied sound and wide tuning range, fitting for any style of music!


Explore high tuning, low tuning, or even tuning to the key of the song… all in a matter of seconds, without a drum key. Have confidence in your instrument, and never worry about playing an out of tune drum again.


Consistently and effortlessly achieve your desired tuning in any room, on any stage, every time you play your WTS Artistry Series drums. Save time tuning, and spend more time playing. You will no longer need 20-30 minutes before every performance to tune your drums or be stuck with one tuning for an entire performance.


Drum Size: 14" x 8" Snare


10-ply all-maple shells made in the USA

​Welch Tuning System™ hardware

​12-coat premium lacquer finish

​Single 45-degree bearing edges

Trick GS007 throw-off

​2.3mm triple-flanged hoops

​Evans™ drum heads


Avaible in 4 Finishes:

Gloss Maple

Satin Black 

Gloss Cherry

Gloss White 


Delivery Time: WTS Artistry Series drums currently have a 1-3 month lead time from order date.

Welch Artistry Series Snares

SKU: welchsn
$1,595.00 Regular Price
$1,149.00Sale Price