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This is the world's leading recording software plugin for creating perfectly tuned, natural-sounding recordings and dramatic vocal effects introduces a number of innovative features that build on the product's legacy as the best-selling audio plugin of all-time. The most technologically advanced of these new features, Flex-Tune, allows users to control the level of correction applied to notes that are out of tune. This feature allows singers a greater freedom when expressing a song's emotional moments in vocal recordings. Auto-Tune works in two modes ? an automatic mode designed to be intuitive for all user levels and a more technical graphical mode for advanced refining.;This new download-only version of Auto-Tune, Auto-Tune Pro, features:? Automatic and Graphical editing modes? Streamlined user interface? Automatic Key detection? ARA integration for faster workflow? Classic Mode for the legendary Auto-Tune 3 sound

Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Pro

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