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The R-Series Skyndeep Doumbek Drumhead produces the richest tek and doum tones in a unique graphic weather resistant Skyndeep film. R-Series drumheads are manufactured using a wide, open channel hoop for Doumbeks and Darbuka drums that permit the use of the wide hoop and also need the extra strength for high tension tuning. Skyndeep advanced drumhead film technology is the graphic infusion of pigment into a polyester surface. You’ll discover a fresh new look and sound using Remo’s Skyndeep drumhead on your doumbek. Available sizes, 8”x ½” Collar, 9” x ½” Collar, 10”x ½” Collar.

Remo Doumbek R Series, 10" , 1/2" Collar, Wide Hoop, 'fish Skin'

SKU: BD-0010-00-SD001/HL#3700126
$44.10 Regular Price
$25.30Sale Price
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  • 757242459577

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