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10-Foot Instrument Cable with Gold Plug Model TPI10. Tourtek Pro TPI Instrument Cables are designed to withstand the demands of sound engineers and touring musicians. Constructed with 99.99% OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), Tourtek Pro low-capacitance cables deliver consistent performance while delivering uncolored sound from the audio source. Each cable features a 99% braided shield and carbon-impregnated conductive PVC insulation, offering extremely low noise and excellent rejection of RF/EMI interference. Finally, Tourtek Pro cables include heavy-duty black chrome-plated brass connectors with 18k gold-plated plugs and durable, thick PVC outer jackets, resulting in premium, rugged cables for any sound reinforcement application. Tourtek Pro TPI Instrument Cables are available in two connector configurations: standard 1/4"; straight-straight, as well as with 1 Right-Angle Connector 1/4"; straight-right angle. Both cable configurations come in 10', 20' and 25' lengths to ensure you have the appropriate cable for your specific application.

Tourtek Pro Noiseless Instrument Cable

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